Uralla Wool Room

Case Study

Ecommerce site

Uralla Wool Room website displaying on different devices demonstrating its responsive web design.


The Uralla Wool Room has had an online shopping site for many years. The site created for them by another developer in 2013 was not a responsive design — it did not display well on mobile devices. Over time, the site’s navigation lost logical, user-friendly structure. Product images uploaded to the site were sized inconsistently so that the product display and page layout lacked professional presentation. 

Site Content reworked the The Uralla Wool Room’s site in 2017 using a Squarespace commerce theme. Now the display of high-end clothing and apparel present professionally, with each image optimized for fast loading and SEO. Importantly, the site is now responsive: Online shoppers using mobile devices can now easily navigate and view quality images of each product while deciding on what to purchase.

Platform: Squarespace