Websites require ongoing work to make them work for your business


Content development

Your site needs to stay current. Just like real estate, keep your site maintained to stay fresh and have value. Put the work in, and you reap the benefits. Media offers visual appeal with the potential of demonstrating your products, services and brand.

Content marketing

Use website and social content to tell your story. From social channels, drive people to your website. Coherent, honest, engaging messaging, with links to meaningful content on your site, provide confidence and will help grow your audience.

Laptop displaying the Google search engine.
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Google’s services for business and your online presence

Google’s services stand help businesses optimise business with local SEO, collaborative and organisational products that include domain emails for your team.

Google’s G-Suite, My Business and YouTube

Google My Business  — A must for local SEO. We’ll help with your set up Google My Business account. We’re also here to help with ongoing posts your Google My Business (plus your other social platforms at the same time).

Google G Suite Collaboration services and your domain email addresses can be set up using G Suite — a range of cloud-based services to enable file sharing and collaborating with colleagues.

YouTube — Do you need a channel for your promotional videos? We’ll set one up for you, and show you how to best integrate your videos into your website to maximise your site’s SEO strength.

We can help set up your Google services.

Content development

Media and copy

Websites that work have meaningful content, purposed for you business and audience, and for search engine optimization

We’ll work with you to create easy-to-read copy that is clear, concise, to the point. We’ll focus on your:

  • value proposition

  • point(s) of difference —what sets you apart from the rest

  • products, services, ideas — what you offer.

Photography and graphics  We’ll work with you to select compelling imagery that best represents your business.

Videos  Depending on your business, videos can add to your marketing power, your website user-experience, and your brand. We can assist with a workable video production plan to make sure you get a great return on investment.

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Additional online services

Domain names

Initial purchasing of your domain name is generally inexpensive. Domain name fees in subsequent years can be more expensive.

We’ll register your domain name as a cost-recovery service — you pay the fee, our service for organising it is complementary with any new website we design.

Website hosting fees

Squarespace websites are hosted by Squarespace.

Wordpress websites are hosted by an external hoster. We'll arrange hosting for your new Wordpress site in Godaddy. Why Godaddy? They offer 24/7 support with good communication style, and they're security conscious.   

SSL certificates  

All our sites come with SSL certificates — the https protocol for security.

SSL Certificates are inbuilt with Squarespace hosting. An SSL certificate for a Wordpress site is an additional annual cost (on top of hosting). We organise SSL certificates for standard Wordpress sites with Godaddy.

Want to know more about https? See our post about SSL Certificates.