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We include 4 hours of complementary SEO work, over a four-week period, on all our new websites post go-live.

SEO for organic traffic or pay-per-click (Adwords)?

Why is content SEO important for marketing?

SEO is the process of improving your website so it achieves a high ranking on a search engine results page. Organic SEO refers to optimizing a website without relying on pay-per-click or Adwords. Improving your website content and user experience is one important factor: search engines are sophisticated enough to measure your site’s activity; a good website structure with helpful, logical content doesn’t go unnoticed and contributes to SEO.

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Why use Adwords?

Adwords help get clicks to your site by paying for your site to listed on page one of a search engine results page. If your business and domain name is new, pay-per-click (PPC) is a viable way to get your site noticed and hopefully visited. Adwords can work but your marketing strategy should not exclude work on your organic SEO.

How do we set up an Adwords campaign?

Adwords marketing campaigns start with advertising research reports using Semrush to research data, plan and execute successful PPC campaigns — to get the most out of your investment.

Adwords can help new domains (or those struggling with good rankings). However, without organic SEO in place — and without good content or a good user experience — are people going to stay on your website for long? How long do you want to be paying for Adwords? A website optimized for organic SEO ticks the boxes to grow and sustain the success of your website.

SEO process


On-site SEO


Our onsite SEO strategy will ensure your website and page descriptions and names, and your content, have all been optimized to promote high rankings search engine results page. 

Our on-site strategy for your website includes:

  • researched keywords

  • meaningful, well-structured content to build your brand, and to ensure bounce rates are minimized

  • helpful internal links to content within your website

  • setting page redirects where necessary

  • logical information architecture

  • structured use of logical content headings

  • schema rich snippets

  • site map (so that search engines understand and recognize the structure of your website)

  • integration with your social channels

  • optimized site speed — which assists a positive user-experience.


Off-site SEO


As the name suggests off-site SEO refers to behaviour and functions that result in traffic to your website from external websites or platforms like your social channels.

Our offsite SEO work includes:

  • Google My Business setup

  • backlink strategy

  • engagement via social media

  • guest blogging opportunities.

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