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SEO — website search engine optimization

Drive traffic through your virtual door


Website visual appeal alone isn't enough to drive new traffic through your virtual door. If you’re a business owner, business manager or web developer, you’ll be wanting — and expecting — traffic to your website.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is the process of optimizing your website and webpages to get organic (free) traffic from search engines such as Google or Bing.

Note about the process

The repeat process can seem daunting but there are online tools to help with the research. New websites with new domain names take more time to rank high on search engine results pages. Setting up your website’s SEO optimization from the start does pay off.

*Inbound links to your website from authoritative external websites help your SEO.

** Links to your website from social accounts don’t count as inbound links but they can generate traffic to your site through engagement and this has value.

See more about off-site SEO.

What’s the value of SEO?

SEO is a great marketing tool.

Search engines find and deliver value to people by presenting the most relevant lists of websites that contain content pertaining to what people are looking for.

Site Content’s SEO services

When we work on your website’s SEO, we use meaningful and searchable content to ensure your site gets ranked high in the list of a search engine results page. Your website content will read well — for your audience as well as search engines.

Put simply, we follow the process to:

  • make sure search engines understand what your page is about, so it matches the ‘searcher’s intent’ or search query

  • show search engines that your website is well structured with a logical hierarchy so it makes sense and your content is easy to find.

Your ongoing SEO strategy — we can help

We’re ready to assist you with the ongoing SEO strategy for your website, addressing Google’s ranking algorithms. We’ll work with you on an ongoing strategy to successfully boost your website’s rankings on search engine results pages with both on-site and off-site SEO.

Already have a website and need help with SEO? We’d love to help out.

New websites, new domain names

New websites with new domain names take time to work up the ranks of search engine results pages. We put everything in place at the start to ensure that your new website will reach the ranking heights that it deserves — but ongoing SEO work is key to the success with both on-site SEO and off-site SEO.

We include 4 hours of complementary SEO work, over a four-week period, on all our new websites, post go-live.


We include 4 hours of complementary SEO work, over a four-week period, on all our new websites post go-live.


On-site SEO


Our onsite SEO strategy will ensure your website and page descriptions and names, and your content, have all been optimised to promote high rankings search engine results page. 

Our on-site strategy for your website includes:

  • researched keywords

  • meaningful, well-structured content to build your brand, and to ensure bounce rates are minimized

  • helpful internal links to content within your website

  • setting page redirects where necessary

  • information architecture that's sound, meaningful and logical

  • meta tags and canonical tags

  • rich snippets in header tags

  • site map (so that search engines understand and recognize the structure of your website)

  • integration with your social channels

  • optimized site speed — which assists a positive user-experience.


Off-site SEO


As the name suggests off-site SEO refers to behaviour and functions that result in traffic to your website from external websites or platforms like your social channels.

Our offsite SEO work includes:

  • backlink strategy to improve the number of links to your website from reputable external sites

  • click-throughs to your website via social media numbers

  • guest blogging opportunities — if you have a blog on your site (Site Content highly recommends blog posts on your site to contribute to helpful and rich content).

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