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We build Squarespace websites and provide support to owners of existing Squarespace websites. All our new websites are optimized to kick-start:

  • getting picked up by search engines

  • audience engagement with a great user experience.

Help with existing Squarespace sites

Need help getting found in search engines? We can help with your website search engine optimization.

Slow website load time? We optimize your media to reduce file size.

Is your site structure confusing? Our objective and experienced eye will assist with reconfiguring your website structure so that it’s logical and makes sense to users trying to locate information in on your site.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is an all-in-one platform for building websites.

Squarespace themes

Award-winning themes from the Squarespace range, from which your web design is based, can be relatively easily switched to another theme if the need arises. Changing themes is easier with a Squarespace website than it is with WordPress sites.

Squarespace offered integrated functionalit, including online shopping, online bookings for appointments and restaurants.

Squarepace hosting

All Squarespace websites are hosted on the Squarespace server. Hosting costs are included in the monthly or annual Squarespace plan.

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