Beautiful websites and SEO marketing for small businesses using Squarespace or Wordpress

Web design and online services

Website Design 

Squarespace and Wordpress websites

 Graphic showing a website homepage on a desktop computer, laptop and mobile devices. Our websites are mobile friendly.

We build websites in Squarespace and Wordpress, CMS platforms with user-friendly interfaces for updating web pages and posting blogs. Updates are easy and efficient — whether you choose to manage these yourself or opt for ongoing or occasional maintenance from Site Content.

Beautiful, responsive themes — mobile friendly

Both Squarespace and Wordpress offer beautiful responsive themes and design templates — all our websites work beautiful on mobile devices. These are our preferred platforms, what we recommend. See our comparison of Squarespace and Wordpress.

Site on another platform?

Already have a website on another platform and need help with it? We've got broad experience with websites built in a range of CMS platforms.

 Content development


Media and copy

Websites that work have meaningful content, purposed for you business and audience.

And for search engine optimisation

We’ll work with you to create easy-to-read copy that is clear, concise, to the point. We’ll focus on your:

  • value proposition

  • point(s) of difference —what sets you apart from the rest

  • products, services, ideas — what you offer.

Photography and graphics  We’ll work with you to select compelling imagery that best represents your business.

Videos  Depending on your business, videos can add to your marketing power, your website user-experience, and your brand. We can assist with a workable video production plan to make sure you get a great return on investment.

 Ecommerce sites

 Woman in her shop, organising her homewares product.

Squarespace or shopify platforms

We use Squarespace or Shopify platforms to build online shopping sites for ecommerce. Your site will be an excellent marketing tool with all the SEO boxes ticked to drive traffic through your virtual shop door.

We can set up an online shop for physical or digital products up to 300 mb in file size.

We can help with image optimisation — mobile websites are slow with images that are too large for mobile content.

Squarespace has great themes for marketing restaurants and accommodation providers with functionality for online bookings.

Google Services

Google’s G-Suite, My Business and YouTube


We can help with the set up.

We can help set up the following Google services for business.

Google My Business  — With a Google account, you'll be eligible to set up Google My Business which can contribute to your SEO strength. We can assist with the Google My Business set-up process.

Google G Suite Collaboration services and your domain email addresses can be set up with G Suite with a range of cloud-based services to enable file sharing and collaborating with colleagues.

YouTube — Do you need a channel for your promotional videos? We’ll set one up for you, and show you how to best integrate your videos into your website to maximise your site’s SEO strength.

Website Third-party Costs


On-going third-party costs

Domain names

Initial purchasing of your domain name is generally inexpensive. Domain name fees in subsequent years can be more expensive.

We’ll register your domain name as a cost-recovery service — you pay the fee, our service for organising it is complementary with any new website we design.

Website hosting fees

Squarespace websites are hosted by Squarespace.

Wordpress websites are hosted by an external hoster. We'll arrange hosting for your new Wordpress site in Godaddy. Why Godaddy? They offer 24/7 support with good communication style, and they're security conscious.   

SSL certificates  

All our sites come with SSL certificates — the https protocol for security.

SSL Certificates are inbuilt with Squarespace hosting. An SSL certificate for a Wordpress site is an additional annual cost (on top of hosting). We organise SSL certificates for standard Wordpress sites with Godaddy.

Want to know more about https? See our post about SSL Certificates.

We’re happy to discuss and explain any of these costs with you.

SEO — search engine optimization 

 A white billiard ball on a table with a woman in the background, ready to shoot the ball.

Website visual appeal alone isn't enough to drive new traffic through your virtual door. SEO is important for getting your content, products and services, searchable and ranking high on search engine results pages.

We include 4 hours of complementary SEO, over a four-week period, on all new websites post go-live.

Our SEO work includes:

  • researching keywords, integration into content and site

  • meaningful, well-structured content to ensure bounce rates are minimized

  • link audit — internal links, and back-link strategy for improving links from reputable sites

  • setting redirects where necessary

  • information architecture that's sound, meaningful and logical

  • meta tags and canonical tags

  • site map (so that search engines understand and recognize the structure of your website)

  • integration with social platforms

  • site speed optimization.