Using YouTube for Marketing

Short digital advertisement for Anytime Fitness, designed for social media and other online marketing platforms.

Your YouTube Strategy

As a marketing tool, using YouTube has power, that can’t be ignored. It's so popular.

Business or corporate video(s) could highlight some or all of the following:

  • Product/service overview

  • Satisfied customers

  • Visual / audio testimonials

  • The team, the people behind your brand

  • Events or conferences you’ve attended or organized.

Your goals

One thing to acknowledge with promotional online content is that you’ll never be finished; even if your reputation is top-knotch and your website’s SEO is currently strong, ongoing management should be considered. So, there will always be goals that are elastic, that multiply and morph as you work towards maintaining brand presence and strength.

On YouTube, your video could be presented ‘up next’ after a competitor’s product review. For this to work to your advantage, videos need to offer value. Therefore, a standard, constant goal is for your video’s visuals and messaging to be clear, informative, and enjoyable.  

YouTube offers alternative traffic

Whereas it’s important to have your videos on your website, sharing them on social media works. When there’s more fresh content to engage your fans and encourage more to follow you, there’ll be more clicks to your website.

Adding tags to your video clips

Tagging your video will improve the chances of your product getting noticed on YouTube and Google.

YouTube is free!

If you haven’t got a YouTube channel, or your channel is dormant because you haven’t posted anything new for a while (or at all!), give your business a boost by posting fresh and engaging videos that demonstrate what you do best.

All you need is a Google account. See YouTube’s instructions for:

 Setting up a new channel

Using a different name on YouTube than your Google account

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