Google My Business — how to follow

Google My Business

A search engine’s job is to provide the best options to users whenever a search query is made. In an effort to improve these options, Google My Business helps present the ‘best’ listings of eligible businesses at the top of a search engine results page (SERP).

Google My Business (GMB) improves local search engine optimization. So, if promoting your business to local customers important, set up a Google My Business profile to improve your ranking on a SERP — and your click through rate via free exposure at the top of the results page.

GMB also offers the opportunity for users to follow you, enabling greater reach for your business news and promotions.

Google My Business verification

Setting up your GMB profile includes a verification process. Verification is straightforward but not instant. Once you complete the steps to input your business information, a verification code is sent out to your business address; this code is used to activate your profile including a pin on Google maps to indicate your physical business location.

Your visibility on a Google Maps is helpful — in more ways than one

Your online presence as a business owner is most powerful when you provide helpful information to people looking for services, products or events that you offer. Having a pin to mark your location and address on a map is a user-friendly addition for anyone trying to find you.

Get followers of your business

There’s another opportunity available for you when customers find your business on Google Maps. People can choose to follow you, along a similar way as people choose to follow social profiles. Your GMB followers get updates about your business. You get free exposure for your promotions.


Free business exposure comes from posting information to your GMB page including:

o   New product announcements

o   Sale notices

o   Upcoming events.

Your posts are rendered on your GMB profile on a SERP and can include links to more information.

Your GMB profile is most powerful for SEO when regular updates are made and these updates can include images and videos. But perhaps the most powerful updates are the posts but the posts on a SERP only last 7 or so days. It’s these posts that can provide additional click through rate to your products, services or events.

See guidelines for representing your business on Google.